[ 01 ] Trying Something | 27.7.2021

Categories: Journaling

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth on how to use this website. Right now is one of those rare moments where motivation hits out of nowhere and I feel the need to try something. So here we go.

I’m going to use the blog section of this site as a sort of journal. Nothing super personal, likely, but just some thoughts to end or start the day with. Maybe not daily but, like, almost daily. Or something close to that. Not sure yet… This is the first “official” entry, I guess. Let’s go.


Today wasn’t too bad. Didn’t get a whole lot done but am feeling reinvigorated in my passion for making content online. I really need to work on music more now. There will be a lot of uncertainties with how the rest of this year will go, and I’ll need to find a new job soon. I guess all that can really be done is a bit of a fresh start to kick things off.

2021 has been weird so far.

Let’s improve.

Current goals: Finish a few WIP songs, get a few responsibilities out of the way, get a good routine going again…