[ 02 ] August Recap 2021 | 21.8.2021

Categories: Journaling

This August was… quite a month.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with the way things are going right now. A lot that needs to be done. But 2 things are certain:

  1. I’m back on track. Exercise. Hobbies. Mental health. I’m at 100% capacity right now.
  2. I’ve never been more sure that music is my one true passion. I’m going to be making so much more, and improving so much more. This is gonna be a long process but I’m laser focused on putting stuff out that I can be proud of.

Tomorrow my first new song in 2 months drops. It’s a remix of Pacemaker, which I dropped last October. Almost a year ago at this point. Doesn’t feel like it.

I think the direction I took this remix really unleashes the spirit of what I wanted the track to be initially. I just didn’t know how to get there back then. With the knowledge I’ve gained and practice I’ve put in with music production, I think this has become the best end product I’ve managed to formulate ever.

With the release of this track looming, I will try to not get lost again. This will drop, and simultaneously I will be chipping away at projects in the backlog that will continue to be better than the last.

What I’m doing with my craft is still the early phase. Over the next year a lot of improvement will be made, and a lot of moves will be made. It’s time to flourish in passion.

Pacemaker (Abyssal Mix) drops TOMORROW. 7AM. 8/22/2021. This is the beginning of a new era.

This won’t go the same way it did last time.