About Me

Hey, I’m Jaykstah

I’ve been running this site since Dec. 2011. It has always served as a sort of personal blog and is now mainly focused on hosting various content I produce.

I do a lot of different hobby projects online. Most are left unfinished, some forever ongoing. Here’s a rundown of the type of things you can find here.

Blog Posts – Rants/Reviews/Etc.

I originally used this as a blog focused on technology and gaming. Some articles from that era are still here. I may post review style content again in the future, but haven’t for a while.


Video projects have been a hobby of mine since around 2011 when I made cheap knockoffs of Nigahiga in windows movie maker.

Since then I’ve gone through phases of doing tutorials and gaming videos.

Most of the gaming videos I’ve done over the years are still up on my youtube channel, though now it mainly hosts my music.


I’ve been doing music all my life but it wasn’t until recently that I started trying to produce songs at home. I have some songs up on spotify, bandcamp, and soundlcoud, mainly leaning towards noise rock influences. I’ll likely be putting out more content soon with a loose plan for an eventual EP.