About Me

Hey, I’m Jaykstah

I’ve been running this site since Dec. 2011. It has always served as a sort of personal blog and is now mainly focused on hosting the content I produce as a sort of fun portfolio.

I do a lot of different hobby projects online. Most are left unfinished, some forever ongoing. Here’s a rundown of the type of things you can find that I do.

Blog Posts – Rants/Reviews/Etc.

I’ve always used this site as a blog feed. I don’t do writing projects as often as I’d like but when I do choose to draft something it’ll likely end up here. There are many old posts no longer available but the content currently hosted includes software reviews, discussion pieces, and rants. I’d like to do more review and discussion posts soon.


Video projects have been a hobby of mine since around 2011. Back then I made my first YouTube videos: cheap knockoffs of classic Nigahiga-esque infomercials made in Windows Movie Maker.

Since then I’ve dabbled in gameplay videos, tutorials, and meme edits. Most of my videos these days are compilations of funny moments that happen to be captured when I’m playing games with my main group of friends.

There will never be an upload schedule for this kind of content but I’d recommend checking them out for some lighthearted laughs. Most of my original videos and old channels are unlisted, though there are quite a few older videos on my main channel still up for some mildly cringe-inducing fun.


I’ve always been a musician. I took piano lessons in elementary school before switching to guitar, then picked up trumpet in 6th grade and kept that going through high school. Nowadays I’ll record cool ideas I have that focus mainly around guitar and synth with some vocals here and there; all with a sort of lo-fi vibe cast over it. I hope to hunker down and write out a full EP sometime in the next year but we’ll see what happens. I have a few songs up on Soundcloud for the time being.

Server Projects

I love self-hosting resources and using my server projects as platforms to have fun with my friends as well as randoms that happen to find one of our game servers. All of my server-related content and info can be found at my self-hosted site: blbz.xyz

That site mainly serves as a landing page for easy access to resources and information as well as some convenient links for my friends. As for the public, I host servers for a variety of games including Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, and a handful of others as needed. Different games are rotated in and out as needed.

This landing page also has information regarding comms with an invite to my Discord server. It is mainly IRL friends with a handful of others I’ve met in games or chatrooms. Feel free to drop by if you want to play on one of our game servers or just hang out!