abyssal love – new release – listen now!

Abyssal Love is a demo song I wrote and recorded in May 2019. Continue reading for more info.


Abyssal Love is a song I wrote in May 2019. At this point I was still pretty aimlessly diving into music production.


I wrote the lyrics to be somewhat vague, intentionally. Overall, the content is meant to invoke a feeling of moving on and taking a peek back at some small yet impactful events. It’s a way of showing appreciation for memories that were once fun, spontaneous moments but now hold a larger significance later in life.


I recorded the bulk of the song directly in Audacity with the reverb and distortion filters being built-in tools. With the help of an old Radioshack mic I had laying around, I also recorded the vocals directly into Audacity.


The dirty electronic drum beat and bassline were both created in LMMS. I added some nasty distortion and reverb to the drum samples to differentiate them from the stock LMMS sound. This was before I started using a proper DAW, so I did what I thought would work.

After the initial bout of editing, I decided to post the song as a demo because I liked the idea behind it and wanted to share it, despite it seeming largely unfinished. I have a few drafts of re-makes in the works, so someday I may release a new song using the framework from this demo with better production.

“bonus” tracks

The 2 alternate tracks were attempts at blending a more acoustic sound with the distorted electronic beat I started with. The execution wasn’t all there as, again, I was still deep in using Audacity for everything. I had recorded a new acoustic guitar part for the Alternate Demos through an old Rocksmith USB cable. I quickly learned how much noise a cheap old audio adapter would generate but stuck with it as I was already leaning heavily on some noise-rock influences. The acoustic track was later re-recorded as another layer for Take 2 through the same old Radioshack mic I used for the vocals.

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