Returning to Pokemon Go: Inspiring an Active Lifestyle

Recently I, along with a large group of friends, committed to something none of us expected: reinstalling Pokemon Go. As a group, we’ve rediscovered the joy AR gaming can bring. Personally, I have managed to use it to… Read More

RIP, Nexus 5x | My Encounter with the LG Boot Loop Tragedy

**I decided to publish this just for the hell of it during this late-night writing sesh. Don’t mind any incoherence, I’ll edit this post later to make it better.** While this event isn’t nearly as relevant and widespread… Read More

The Downfall of Physical Media: A Story of Nostalgia and Cloud-Based Contemplation

Every year a different form of physical media seems to fade into obsolescence. Records are replaced by CD’s, which would be replaced by MP3 downloads, replaced then by subscription based streaming. This evolutionary path paints a clear picture… Read More