LawBreakers Review: Week 1 Impressions

LawBreakers is a new fast-paced team-based hero FPS that had released on August 7, 2017. It is being developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon America. Through advertising and headlines, it has flaunted itself as the next and best fast-paced shooter with the addition of features such as blind fire and zero gravity zones. While the game has only been out for a week, many strong opinions on the game have already been thrown around with the verdict on whether or not this game will have any staying power in a world riddled with both hero shooters and fast paced arena games ranging from Overwatch to Unreal Tournament.

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DOOM Multiplayer Open Beta Recap

This past weekend was the launch of an open beta for DOOM’s multiplayer mode. While the 2016 DOOM game is highly anticipated, the multiplayer mode has been received very poorly by the majority so far.  I did put quite a few hours into this weekend beta and have reached the level 15 cap so my experience with the game was thorough. Here are my two cents on the open beta for DOOM multiplayer:

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