gently drowning – new release – now streaming

gently drowning is my newest track; inspired by my Roland DEP-5. Continue reading for more info.


Well, I’ve finally released some new material! Gently drowning was a quick project completed over the course of 2 days. Thanks to my Roland DEP-5 I was inspired to work on some new sounds in a new way. In the past, I had relied mainly on digital effects applied in editing for the interesting sounds I strive for. This time around, I was determined to use effects through actual hardware as much as possible.

recording and production

I recently acquired a nice Behringer audio interface which has been a great asset to recording now that I’m getting back into the groove of music production. After messing around with different settings and reading a bit of the DEP-5’s manual I settled on a nice reverb setup, which is what you hear in the published version of the song.

I didn’t have much of an idea for the song itself once it came time to start recording. I began by playing gentle chords and let the effect take over for a bit. After a few rounds of that, I stumbled into the basic chord progression and timing that can be heard on the final track.

Afterwards, I began recording a few takes of a higher melody while the chord progression looped. I wasn’t happy with what I came up with at first but eventually fell into a progression of gently notes that responded to the chords.

Later, I decided there should be a vocal part using similar reverb but the mic I intended to use would put out a lot of noise when plugged into the DEP-5. I struggled for a few minutes before deciding to just put the song on hold and come back to it the next day.

day 2

I spent my shift at work writing ideas here and there, and eventually was left with a list of workable ideas. Once I began testing out lyrics against the chord loop I decided the original ideas were too wordy. I settled on picking small phrases from the list and interjecting them in an improvisational way. It took a few passes of recording vocals to settle on the final structure.

After getting a solid take of vocals, I lined up the track and added digital reverb in Ardour. I couldn’t match the DEP-5’s settings exactly but it was enough to fit the vibe.


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