liftoff (feat. bowman) coming soon to spotify

Liftoff is a song I’d worked on with my friend and fellow musician, Andrew Bowman, throughout January. I had held onto the song for a few weeks after completion in late January in the midst of revamping my social media pages. However, it is now time to open the floodgates and finally get these tunes onto digital storefronts. Continue reading for more info on pre-saving the track and streaming it on other platforms.

Bowman x Jaykstah - Liftoff album art. Designed by Jaykstah.
Bowman x Jaykstah – Liftoff official album art.
Designed by Jaykstah.

I am happy to announce that Liftoff will be available on Spotify and other major music platforms very soon! Simultaneously my 2 previously release singles will be released as well.

Nowadays I am able to easily put my projects up on streaming sites and stores thanks to the awesome services provided by DistroKid. Currently, Liftoff and my other singles are fully processed and in stores’ hands. The songs should be live on all major platforms within the next week.

Moving forward, I will be pushing more towards being music-focused and keeping my pages engaged. This marks an exciting next step in my journey of online content creation as it has always been centered around technology and gaming. Also, Bowman and I are already hard at work on a follow-up to Liftoff. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for near-future releases!

Pre-save liftoff on Spotify!

In the meantime, you can pre-save Liftoff on Spotify by clicking here. By pre-saving, your Spotify account will automatically follow my artist page and save Liftoff to your library once it has been released. This greatly helps us gain visibility by the playlist algorithm which can land us on users’ personalized playlists. Alternatively, you can stop by this page for a list of links to other services that will be updated once the song is fully available.

I am also publishing my previously-released singles to stores via DistroKid, so you can pre-save both of them with the links below:

Pre-save Gently Drowning here and Abyssal Love here!

stream liftoff on soundcloud and bandcamp

You can head to either the SoundCloud or BandCamp links below to stream now! Pre-saving can really help us get a kick-start on Spotify, but plays on these platforms greatly help as well. Optionally, you may choose to pay for the track on BandCamp if your wallet is getting hot!

Stream Liftoff on SoundCloud
Stream Liftoff on BandCamp

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