Self-Reliance: The Freedom and Fulfillment in Home Server Hosting

For the past three or so years, I have been running at least one server of some sort out of my home 24/7. Whether it be a private match for some game, my private TeamSpeak, or some file transfers, there is always a machine off in the corner of my room humming away and waiting for tasks. Hosting servers from home isn’t necessarily that useful for the average consumer, nor would it be the most convenient way to get things done. However, having a machine up and running at all times, ready to take on a variety of automated tasks has been very gratifying and has allowed me to learn much more about what goes on behind the scenes of some of my favorite services that I had previously taken for granted. With this write-up, I hope to explain the reasoning as to why hosting one’s own servers and improving a standard home network can be beneficial and also to potentially encourage the stray reader to experiment with projects such as this, since becoming more involved with technology will be essential for the general population to move forward as technology improves.

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