The Work in Progress State of this Site

This site is currently going under a lot of modification in terms of visuals and functionality. Over the next couple weeks or so the website may change drastically as I test different themes or make modifications to theme templates. Hopefully I’ll finalize a look for the site soon and begin work on cleaning up plugins. In the next few months or so there should be a completely functional and visually appealing Jaykstah.com.

While this site may not be very active, this is an ongoing project that I’m diving back into this summer, so hopefully there will be some new content coming in the next couple of months.

Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel as well, since I’m going to start working on content for over there as well.

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I use Jaykstah.com as a hub for my creative projects. I'm a musician, writer, whatever else-er. Here you can find my music, video projects, discussion posts, and links to the rest of my online presence.