New Release “durian” Out Now

Categories: Music

Hey, I just dropped an instrumental track called “durian” which is out on a few streaming services right now.

It will be on Spotify + everywhere else by next week, but for now you can listen on > YouTube < and > SoundCloud <

This was a track I threw together in early 2020 while I was in the mood for some more aggressive electronic sounds. I tweaked it a bit towards the end of the year but put off dropping it until now. I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable dropping it as a single or if I’d rather use it as a bonus track for an eventual EP.

I’ve now decided that it’s better to just be putting out more stuff. If an Album / EP comes together, it will. But for now I’ll just be more focused on finishing songs and putting them out as I do so there isn’t so much time going by between releases. One day I’ll be focused enough to put my effort into a more cohesive long-form project. But the singles train is in full steam now.