systemDiscourse #1 – Configs, shell scripts, and gaming

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Hey. Welcome to the first installment of systemDiscourse. This is a series of blogs (and possibly supplemental audio/video posts) that will cover my journeys in the world of Linux, FOSS, and other aspects of workstation and home server configuration. This will range from discussing aspects of my own main Arch install, gaming under Linux, producing … Read More

[ 02 ] August Recap 2021 | 21.8.2021

Categories: Journaling

This August was… quite a month. There is still a lot of uncertainty with the way things are going right now. A lot that needs to be done. But 2 things are certain: I’m back on track. Exercise. Hobbies. Mental health. I’m at 100% capacity right now. I’ve never been more sure that music is … Read More

[ 01 ] Trying Something | 27.7.2021

Categories: Journaling

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth on how to use this website. Right now is one of those rare moments where motivation hits out of nowhere and I feel the need to try something. So here we go. I’m going to use the blog section of this site as a sort of journal. … Read More

New Release: Complications

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~ complications are the curse of an evolved mind ~ v NOW AVAILABLE TO STREAM v

New Release “durian” Out Now

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Hey, I just dropped an instrumental track called “durian” which is out on a few streaming services right now. It will be on Spotify + everywhere else by next week, but for now you can listen on > YouTube < and > SoundCloud < This was a track I threw together in early 2020 while … Read More