~ Current Favorite Games ~

These are a few of the games I’m currently spending a lot of time playing! Add me on steam if you’d like to join me sometime >>> ./steamProfile

~ FPS ~

One of my all-time favorite FPS games. Skill-based wild west deathmatches with slow and powerful weaponry. Be a cowboy. Pass the whisky!
Closest thing to satiating my arena shooter needs in years. Responsive gameplay, advanced movement, classic arena shooter mechanics. Go frag out! I mostly play Team Shotty Sniper, brings back that long-lost feeling of spending hours in quickscope lobbies or FFA deathmatches.


Great first-person roguelike. Retro aesthetics, variety of classes/races for playstyle, difficult and interesting runs. Pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted from a roguelike experience.


My all-time favorite farming sim. Develop your farm from scratch, fight through the mines, socialize with the townsfolk, gain access to increasingly advanced machinery to do work for you. Great sense of progression and accomplishment with an overall lovely, heartwarming vibe. Art style and music are also great.

~ All-time Favorites ~

These are childhood favorites and games that define who I am today. This is what makes up Jaykstah as a gamer.

Childhood Faves:

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker /// Beautiful aesthetic. Great gameplay. Amazing soundtrack. This game is attached to some of my fondest childhood memories. Best form of nostalgia injection is whipping out my GameCube and replaying this beauty.

Guitar Hero 2 /// One of my earliest introductions to rhythm gaming. Sick soundtrack, OG gameplay. Countless memories of having my cousins over and playing for hours on end. I still have my first red SG that came with my PS2 version of the game, too!

Need for Speed: Underground /// In retrospect it is not nearly as good as its sequel. The aesthetic is on point, though, and I have a lot of nostalgia for playing this game splitscreen with my family. Planted some of the earliest seeds for my love of rap / hip hop as well.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 /// One of my favorite ways as a kid to engage with my love of skateboarding outside of skating itself. Wacky story, timeless gameplay, great soundtrack. One of the best overall Tony Hawk games to ever come out.

Intro to the MMO:

Club Penguin /// Probably my earliest introduction to MMO’s. Also the first game I ever signed up for with my own email (in 2nd grade)! Countless memories meeting cool people and spending hours upon hours grinding minigames and customizing my igloo.

Roblox /// My first experience with a game creation toolkit. Also was a ton of fun to play! Met so many cool people and spent way too many long nights grinding obby maps. Nothing will ever hit like 2007-2010 Roblox did for me!

The Gamer Days:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 /// Probably the first FPS I was addicted to playing on a daily basis. Thousands of hours in FFA quickscope lobbies. Discovering insane glitch methods to get outside of maps or break the create a class system to have cool custom names or weapon combos that shouldn’t have existed. This was the era where I got my first taste of what playing CoD online with the boys is all about. Next to Black Ops II, this is the FPS that I’ll always have the most nostalgia for.

Rush Team /// In retrospect, a shitty free-to-play browser based fps. At the time, though, a thing of beauty. This was right before I got into proper PC gaming and I could barely run this on my laptop. Spent a lot of time playing with friends in 7th grade though. We had 4v4 clan battles in the computer lab at lunch too, which was epic. No idea how we got away with that…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive /// My introduction to proper competitive gaming / tactical shooters. Countless hours spent in high school grinding ranked matches with friends. Will always be nostalgic for that period of time and the type of cooperative gameplay we got out of it.